The Hamtramck Blowout (otherwise known as Mid by Midwest) happened this past weekend.  Dan got to play twice in two different ensembles that each boasts a distinct flavor in the gumbo that is the metro Detroit music scene.

Songs From the Moon headlined Thursday (the first night) at the tiny Whiskey in the Jar. They really killed it.  I would describe their sound as rollicking prog-honky tonk.  Note my liberal definition of the phrase “honky tonk.”

Old Empire, Dan’s main band, also killed it in the G of C Lounge.  They were incredibly tight. Most likely their best performance ever, methinks.  Lots of people attempt to describe their sound using 70s TV shows, late-night movies and/or exotic spice names but we’ll just say soulcore, indie and a teensy bit of doo-wop and they can bring the RAWK and leave it at that. They have a new bassist, Leann (who used to be in the Von Bondies) and lo, the girly vocal harmonies that are now set free! Classy!

Both SFTM and OE unapologetically possess their own sound.  Something of a rarity around these parts. SFTM are still still fledgling, shaking off the water. But if they keep it up, they will pwn.  OE, however, are now poised to completely kick that ass.

Which ass?  You tell me.


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