Must. Write. Nuisance.

This fall, my show is a bit schizophrenic in regards to time…sometimes two hours, sometimes one hour.  All this:

artist title album label
Ernst Schultz 10 Finger Blind Cloud Cuckooland finder’s keepers
Richard Bliwas Wall Paper Astral Prints rising rose
anaROBIK My Company Operator’s Manual incidental
Jacky Chalard Pollution Je suis vivant, mais j’aipeur de GILBERT DEFLEZ b-music
Human Scab Playin’ Guitar Best I Can Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags family vineyard
Takeshi Muto Tape Birth Expect more from a Past Life schematic
Growing Pumps! Camera ‘84 S/T vice
Gitar Great American Bonbon Fire Stuffed seeland
The North Sea Reunion Bloodlines type
Kendra Smith Earth Same Breath/Waiting in the Rain The Guild of Temporal Adventurers fiasco
The Sky Does Not Care About Me Sitar Freeman Any Speed Any Direction s/r
Maja Ratkje Dictaphone Jam Voice rune grammofon

was one hour.


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