Beat the Bezoar!

Beeeeeaat the beeeeezoar! is the new name of my show. Bring it on, autumn!


Artist Song Album Label
Merzbow Age of 369, pt. 4 Age of 369/Chant 2 Extreme
Skinny puppy God’s Gift Maggot Mind the Perpetual Intercourse Netwerk
Matthew Dear Soil to Seed Black City Ghostly
Ulaan Khol Untitled 1 III
King Crimson Starless Red Atlantic
J. Hanson Shut-Your-Fucking-Kraut Boolean Blues Digitalis
So Percussion and Matmos Swamp Treasure State Cantaloupe
Alice Coltrane Ohnedaruth A Monastic Trio Impulse
Electric Dress Untitled S/T No Fun Productions
Chicago Underground Duo Memoirs of a Space Traveler Axis and Alignment Thrill Jockey
Rustbelt Unsemble U-Scn Door 19 Grooved Pavement
People Like Us/Kenny G Close to Me Nothing Special Mess Media
Rasputina Dark February Sister Kinderhook Filthy Bonnet Co.
Max Richter Journey 2 Infra Fatcat
Kenny Graham & his Satellites Sunrise Moondog and Suncat Suites Trunk
Nurse with Wound #2 Angry Eelectric Finger 3 Beta Lactam Ring
Ratatat Neckbrace LP4 XL
Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores Portuguese Man O War The Quiet Room Cuneiform
Boyd Rice/NON Father’s Day Terra Incognita Mute
Fennesz/Daniell Buck Diamond Mind Knoxville Thrill Jockey
Billy Green The Death of Dr. Death Stone (OST) Finder’s Keepers

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