Some drone from the crone

Fedora Corpse just may be my new favorite label du jour!


1. Mammal/Fatherlands/Lonesome Drifter (animal disguise)
2. Bill Dixon & Aaron Siegel & Ben Hall/The Red & The Black/Weight/Counterweight (brokenresearch)
3. Sun Circle/”side a” (lichen records)
4. Dancing Mice/(We were) always on our Own/Solferino (squeak audio)
5. The Books/Chain of Missing Links/The Way Out (temporary residence)
6. Heiner Goebbels & Heiner Müller/The Man in the Elevator (ecm)
7. Joan La Barbara/Twelvesong/As Lightning Comes, in Flashes (wizard records)
8. Alan Licht & Loren Connors/#1/Into the Night Sky (family vineyard)
9. Joelle Leandre/Cri/Contrebassiste (liben records)
10. Expo 70/Transcending Energy from Light/Night Flights (fedora corpse)
11. Oneohtrix Point Never/Nil Admirari/Returnal (editions mego)
12. Fol Chen/Men, Beasts or Houses/Part II: The New December (asthmatic kitty)
13. Jonas Reinhardt/Orbiter Dicta/Powers of Audition (kranky)
14. Terry Riley/Celestial Valley/Shri Camel (columbia)
15. Experimental Audio Research/Tripple/Vibrations (rocket girl)
16. J. Hanson/Catshit and Sandalwood/Boolean Blues (digitalis)
17. The Moog Cookbook/Smells Like Teen Spirit (restless)
18. Baths/Rafting Starlit Everglades/Cerulean (anticon)
19. Göte/A Bestiary Leaf (fedora corpse)
20. Comoros/Cooking for Friends (fedora corpse)
21. Windy Weber/Destroyed/I Hate People (blueflea)


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