I really want a different name for my radio show.  Something zingy, odd, preferably bereft of the words “radio” and “show.” Something like…Bezoars Accomplice.  Or, Bezoar’s Quiet.  Something with the word “bezoar” in it because frankly, I’m currently obsessed with the word.  Plus, I think it fits with the vibe of my show much like a female trekkie at a nerd convention.

Last week was vacation, this week was business as usual:


1. Gyorgi Ligeti/Lux Aeterna/2001: A Space Odyssey (MGM) played simultaneously with
2. Paul Velat/#9/Urchin

3. Nurse With Wound/Groove Grease (Hot Catz)/Huffin’ Rag Blues (united dirtier)
4. Jorge Ben/Tim Dom Dom/Samba Esquema Novo (cbd)
5. Here We Go Magic/Moon/Pigeons (secretly canadian)
6. Battles/Tij/Mirrored (warp)
7. These Are Powers/Glass Blocks/All Aboard Future (dead oceans)
8. Nurse With Wound/Black Teeth/Huffin’ Rag Blues (united dirtier)
9, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds/From Her to Eternity (mute)
10. Comus/The Prisoner/First Utterance (victor japan)
11. Alice Coltrane/Wisdom Eye/Eternity
12. Ravi Shankar/Raga Devgiri Bilawal/Rare & Glorious (times square)
13. Charanjit Singh/Raga Megh Malhar/10 Ragas to a Disco Beat (bombay connection)
14. Stereolab/(varoom!)/Low Fi (too pure)
15. Michael Andrews/Manipulated Living/Donnie Darko Orig. Sndtrk (elgonix)
16. Television/Elevation/Marquee Moon
17. White Rainbow/Pulses/Prism of Eternal Now (kranky)
18. Apryl Fool/The Lost Mother Land (pt 1)/Love Peace & Poetry: Japanese Psychedelic Music (normal)
19. Pierre Bastien/Talou VII/Les Premieres Machines (gazul)
20. Out of Focus/Blue Sunday Morning/Cloud Cuckooland (finders keepers)
21. The Waitiki 7/Voodoo Love/New Sounds of Exotica (pass out)
22. Bonobo/We Could Forever/Black Sands (ninja tune)
23. William Basinski/#2/The Disintegration Loops (musex)
24. Violence and The Sacred/You Are Planning to Enjoy the Apocalypse
26. anaROBIK/My Company/Operator’s Manual (incidental)
27. We Like Cats/Ruff-a-lution/Proper Eats (marriage)
28. Wavves/Post-Acid/King of the Beach (fat possum)
29. Dept. of Eagles/While We’re Young/Archive 2003-2006 (american dust)
30. The Knife/Ebb Tide Explorer/Tomorrow in a Year (rabid/brille)
31. Grasscut/Passing/1 Inch: 1/2 Mile (ninja tune)


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