Puddle dee dee

#1 LBS, 7/7/10

  1. Sun Ra/Atlantis (impulse)
  2. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti/The Ballad of Bobby Pyn/The Doldrums (paw tracks)
  3. Terry Riley/You’re No Good (cortical foundation)
  4. Isaac Hayes/Pursuit of the Pimpmobile/Can You Dig It? (soul jazz)
  5. Black Sabbath Riot Milwaukee 1980/Japanese Imperial Army/Ringtones (touch)
  6. Harmonia/Walky Talky/Deluxe (brain)
  7. Phill Niblock & Guy de Bievre/Tones for a Guy/Ringtones (touch)
  8. Rovo/Mattah/Imago (sony japan)
  9. Matta Llama/Relapsed Heretic/The Witch Channel (black dirt)
  10. Tangerine Dream/Alpha Centauri (castle music)
  11. Michael Bundt/La Chasse aux Microbes/Deutsche Electronische Music (soul jazz)
  12. Morton Subotnik/Silver Apples of the Moon (werg0)
  13. Emeralds/Genetic/Does it Look Like I’m Here? (mego)
  14. Nels Cline Singers/Scissor Saw/Initiate (cryptogramophone)
  15. Lithops/Untitled 4/Uni Umit (moikai)
  16. Rod Modell/Hotel Chez Moi/Incense and Black Light (plop)
  17. Max Richter/Landscape with Figure (1922)/Memoryhouse (fatcat)

The weather reduced me to a melted m&m and called for long, languorous noisedrone.

I have an idea to write something about music in (and?) the pursuit of memory, connecting both Max Richter and the Caretaker (aka James Kirby).  Something to do–along with circuit bending–before the summer wanes.


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