Did Somebody Step on a Duck?

I was going to do a show about masturbation, but…I got these new records and in my verklemptitude I forgot. Tune in next week!

#1 LBS, 6/30/10

  1. Shooby Taylor/Lights Out/Best of Shooby
  2. Scott Walker/The Girls and the Dogs/Sings Jacques Brel (fontana)
  3. Momus/The Penis Song/Folktronic (le grand magistery)
  4. Frank Pahl & Klimperei/Almond Rock Cakes/Music for Desserts (gazul)
  5. Casiokids/Fot I Hose/Topp Stemning Pa Lokal Bar (polyvinyl)
  6. Tobacco/Heavy Makeup/Maniac Meat (anticon)
  7. Aphex Twin/Logl Rock Witch/Richard D. James Album (warp)
  8. Ellen Allien/Its/Sool (bpitch)
  9. Squarepusher/Full Rinse/Big Loada (warp)
  10. Pauline Oliveros/Alien Bog  (pogus productions)
  11. Hai Fei/The Second Spring/Let’s a Go-Go! (silver tortoise)
  12. The Dee-Tees/Just Because/Let’s a Go-Go! (silver tortoise)
  13. Optiganally Yours/Figaro (Queens mix)/De-Composed (vroom sound)
  14. Here We Go Magic/Vegetable or Native/Pigeons (secretly canadian)
  15. Dan Deacon/Paddling Ghost/Bromst (carpark)
  16. Charles Dodge/Fades, Dissolves, Fizzles/A Retrospective 1977-2009 (new world)
  17. Dangermouse and Sparklehorse/Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It)/Dark Night of the Soul (lex)
  18. Yeasayer/Rome/Odd Blood (secretly canadian)
  19. Emeralds/Does it Look Like I’m Here? (mego)
  20. Emeralds/Summerdata/Does it Look Like I’m Here? (mego)
  21. Oneohtrix Point Never/Pelham Island Road/Returnal (mego)
  22. Nav Katze/Borderless #2 (Sun Electric Mix)/Never Mind the Distortion II (victor japan)
  23. Tristram Cary/Music for Light 1-3/It’s Time for Tristram Cary (trunk)
  24. Taj Mahal Travelers/Between 7:50 and 8:05PM/Live July 15, 1972 (sony japan)
  25. Ratatat/Bilar/LP4 (xl recordings)
  26. Cocorosie/Lemonade/Grey Oceans (sub pop)
  27. Screaming Females/Sports/Baby Teeth (don giovanni)

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