…I’m having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to posting my playlists.  Do I give absurd Dali-esque titles to each entry?  Or slap on the same balm with volume numbers? More cogitation is needed. Or just a few more glasses of wine.

Well, anyway…here’s the 6/23 edition.  It impressed the new Biophysics professor!

  1. The Chap/Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley/Mega Breakfast (ghostly)
  2. Silver Apples/Seagreen Serenades
  3. Boards of Canada/Amos Bishop Roden/In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country (warp)
  4. Evelyn Evelyn/Love Will Tear Us Apart (8 ft.)
  5. Elsa/Ecoutez/Pop a’ Paris, Vol. 1 (sunnyside)
  6. Lau Nau/Rubiinilasia/Nukkuu (locust music)
  7. Beach House/Lover of Mine/Teen Dream (sub pop)
  8. Legowelt/Total Pussy Control/Classics 1998-2003 (bunker)
  9. The Who/Odorono/The Who Sell Out
  10. Broken Social Scene/Sentimental x’s/Forgiveness Rock Record (arts & crafts)
  11. Evelyn Evelyn/Tragic Events, Part II (8 ft.)
  12. Throbbing Gristle/The Worm Waits its Turn/Part Two: The Endless Not (mute)
  13. Richard Bliwas/Ghost Pipes/Astral Prints (rising rose)
  14. Black Dice/Drool/Load Blown (paw tracks)
  15. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse (feat. David Lynch)/Dark Night of the Soul (lex)
  16. Low/Words/I Could Live in Hope (vernon yard)
  17. Gote/Caspar was a Black Magus (fedora corpse)
  18. Tarwater/All of the Ants Left Paris/Animals, Suns and Atoms (kitty yo)
  19. Quintron/9th Wd Breakdown/Satan is Dead (bulb)
  20. Quintron/Shoplifter/Quintron & Miss Pussycat (rhinestone records)
  21. Aphex Twin/xmd 5a/Chosen Words (rephlex)
  22. Massive Attack/Man Next Door/Mezzanine (virgin)
  23. Apples in Stereo/Strawberryfire/Her Wallpaper Reverie (elephant 6)
  24. LCD Soundsystem/Losing My Edge (dfa)
  25. Liquid Liquid/Cavern (domino)
  26. Bear in Heaven/Wholehearted Mess/Beast Rest Forth Mouth (home tapes)
  27. Nouvelle Vague/Making Plans for Nigel (luaka bop)
  28. The Ruby Suns/Closet Astrologer/Fight Softly (sub pop)
  29. Cold Cave/Heaven was Full/Love Comes Close (matador)
  30. White Rainbows/Mystic Prism/Prism of Eternal Now (kranky)
  31. Faust/Mamie is Blue/So Far (polydor)
  32. Yasunao Tone & Hecker/Man Yo/Palimpsest (mego)
  33. Child Bite/Broach for Two/Wild Feast

Last week I uh…played entire album sides and 1/2 CDs by King Crimson, Yoshimi P We and Blevin Blectum.


2 thoughts on “Hmm…

  1. hi sara ! i love your that witch is groovy playlist and the questions it raised … i posted the remark about impressing the new biophysics professor on my facebook wall — more wine sounds like a good plan – hope you enjoy the independence day weekend ( day weekend…. hmmmm…) and thanks for the cool playlist ! i started this blog –mostly lyrics so far except for the first 2 enhries . cheers,

  2. Hey, thanks for reading, and for sending my little station a copy of your very cool music! Nice blog, too. 🙂

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