I Chewed the Fat, Episode 2

June 9, 2010:

  1. stars/the vanishing/heart (arts&crafts)
  2. swell maps/clearasil record (stuck)/whatever happens next… (rough trade)
  3. dm stith/pig/heavy ghost (athsmatic kitty)
  4. the velvet underground/the gift (mgm)
  5. owen pallett/the great elsewhere/final fantasy heartland (domino)
  6. dum dum girls/jail la la/i will be (sub pop)
  7. screaming females/humanity arranged/what if someone is watching their tv? (don giovanni)
  8. casiokids/togens hule/topp stmning pa lokal bar (polyvinyl)
  9. storm&stress/meet me in the space they stare at leaving their seat during a show/under thunder and fluorescent light (touch & go)
  10. orthrelm/sceptor 5 (ugexplode)
  11. krysmopompas/no limit/heute schlafen – morgen aufwachen (s-s)
  12. between/devotion/deutsche elektronische musik (soul jazz)
  13. expo 70/seismic nuances/night flights (fedora corpse)
  14. the caretaker/persistent repetition of phrases (history always favors the winners)
  15. syd barrett/terrapin/the madcap laughs (harvest)
  16. lali puna/6-0-3 (darla)
  17. crystal castles/i am made of chalk (fiction)
  18. wildbirds and peacedrums/the battle in water/heartcore (found you)
  19. kollectiv/rambo zambo/deutsche elektronische musik (soul jazz)
  20. ladytron/commodore rock/604 (emperor norton)
  21. emeralds/genetic/does it look like i’m here? (mego)
  22. the flaming lips/money/dark side of the moon (wb)
  23. uncle woody sullender & seamus cater/while sails billow/when we get to meeting (dead ceo)
  24. weasel walter septet/cleistegamy/invastion (ugexplode)

Listen to music.


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