It sparkles, and I walk on wood

Went to a small local gig in Detroit this past weekend.  At Sparklewood, otherwise known as North End Studios. Former for musician types, latter for fine artists.  Either way you serve it, it’s an alternative performance space and that gives me a warm happy.

It was a dark wet vampire matrix night with rain coming down like bedsheets after Hellraiser sex, the requisite faux-hawk long limbs skinny jean-clad stood in the doorway of what must have been a bank back in Detroit’s wonder years.

Digression #1: clubs in old banks.  What gives?  Is it the imposing architecture? Vaulted ceilings? Imposing edifii?

Maker’s Mark in hand we skulked around the big main room. Great thing about alternative performance spaces: BYOB. Stencil art lay behind glass cases framed by lights blinking epileptically in different colors. Off to the side, requisite DJ plain mac clam-open on counter.

First band were called Almost Free.  I wonder if they like Rush. Umm, that has absolutely nothing to do with their sound and everything to do with The Spirit of Radio running through my head afterwards. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t rid myself of it during the following set by Blase Splee.

Someone else brought her two dogs. Grilled cheese sandwiches were being made. Not so much Fellini as it was Wes Anderson.

I really dig this space. Tall windows and half ovals in the ceiling. I was gently reminded of all my Detroit goings-on of yesteryear. All the bands, all the Bauhaus, all the late-night Cass corridor Burger King.  Yeah, you get it. I’m old.

Kudos to whomever got this party started.  I hope the space continues to host more live music in the days to come.


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