Record Shopping

Record shopping has always been my soul-salve.

Most women go for shoes when the going gets tough.  Not me, I am just like Schroeder:

This past weekend I visited Stormy Records, and finally got the chance to use the gift certificate my generous boyfriend gave me last December. Unfortunately, neither Windy nor Carl were present.  But that’s ok.  There were lots of CDs to rifle through.

Record Store Day is the 17th (this Saturday). Windy wrote a note on FB about it, the real deal.  She was remarkably unabashed and candid.  Good for her.  She and Carl have a great store (also they are great people AND great musicians).  We record geeks stuck in the mitten have a place akin to Other Music in NYC, or Aquarius in SF.

I’ve made friends with Matt, who owns Underground Sounds here in Ann Arbor. He is also candid about the foibles of record store ownership. Every time I walk by I’m glad he is still here.

I confess I do buy a lot of my stuff online these days, due to laziness but mostly to the general unavailability of items locally.  I do try to make special orders when I can.  There is something exciting about the tactile act of record shopping that cannot be replaced. The smell of old records, the dust, finding something hidden in the back of a bin, the weight of the object in your hands, picking up something new solely based on packaging.

So I walked into Wazoo today and bought this:

The Knife – Tomorrow in a Year

It’s an opera based on the life of Charles Darwin, and it is blowing my mind right now. THIS is the kind of opera I would love to sing. This recording is incredibly different from Silent Shout, but no less brilliant. I’ve only given it one listen so far, and tonight a good deal of it will get played on my radio show.

…to be continued.


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