From Her to Eternity

punk rock 8

Michna: Death Pits of Rath, Thousand Thursday (ghostly intl)
Joe McGasko: This Planet is Doomed, Inter-Planetary Remixes: WFMU Reinterprets Sun Ra
Sir Richard Bishop: Hill Dwellers, Graviton Polarity Generator (social music)
Titu, Kala, Sukha and Ram Chendra NATH: Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer, Vol 2 (hanson)
Arca: Failed, Xen (mute)
Ray Sammartano: Wheel of the Sun, Dark Matter Sunshine
Dan Deacon: Take it to the Max, Gliss Riffer (domino)
Steve Reich: Six Marimbas
Henry Jacobs: #7-12, The Wide Weird World of Henry Jacobs (tino corp)
John Carpenter: Fallen, Lost Themes (sacred bones)
Machinedrum: B Patiend, Vapor City Archives (ninja tune)
Museum of Love: Monotronic (dfa)
Moon Duo: Night Beat, Shadow of the Sun (sacred bones)
They Why Because: Changez!, Music Shapes

Shake, Bezoar, Shake!

Best attempt ever at squeezing every ha’penny from the bezoar for WCBN’s 2015 Fundraiser. The best part was my singing Bjork impersonation (which I was asked to repeat later on the LMS).


Skinny Puppy: Love, Mind the Perpetual Intercourse
PJ Harvey: Yuri G, 4 Track Demos
American Analog Set: The Only One, Know by Heart
Pink Floyd: Bike, Piper At The Gates of Dawn
Kid 606: Buffalo 606-The Morning After, Down with the Scene
Fred Frith: Their Blood is Black And Yellow, Accidental
Henry Kaiser: Devil In The Drain
The Books: All Bad Ends All, Thought For Food
Blues Control: Rest On Water, Local Flavor
Bjork: Family, Vulnicara
My Bloody Valentine, To Here Knows When, Loveless
Miss Murgatroid: Hellhole, Myoclyonic Melodies
Joan La Barbara: Cathing, Tapesongs (also bonus “Lightning Comes in Flashes”)
Morton Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier: Smoke, Music for Piano and Violin
Aphex Twin: DISKPREPT1, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments EP 2
Peter Whitehead: Tunnel of Love, Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones…
Goat: Goatman, World Music
Meridian Brothers: La Gitana Me Ha Dejado, Desesperanza
Negativland: What’s Music?, Hate People Like Us
John Carpenter: The Devil Awakens, Prince of Darkness OST

Captain’s Cap



Subway: Harmonia, Subway II (soul jazz)
Goliath Bird Eater (feat. Nels Cline): Blood Silk Road, Sasqroch split ep (not not fun)
The Dead C: Fake Electronica (language)
Slava Ranko: Golden Peaches, Arctic Hysteria (adolescent)
Roger Manning Jr. & Brian Reitzell: Lara’s Rainbow, Logan’s Sanctuary (emperor norton)
Bo Hansson: At the House of Elrond & The Ring Goes South, Lord of the Rings (resource)
Fever Ray: I’m Not Done (mute)
Gerhard Potuznik: Fingered by Numbers, Concorde (cheap)
Iannis Xenakis: Orient-Occident III, Electro Acoustic Music (nonesuch)
Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra: Clay Hills Cop, Plays Aphex Twin (mukow)
Bjorn Olsson: Minnesstund, Instrumental Music (omplatten)
Manuel Gottsching: Deep Distance, New Age of Earth (mg art)
Harmonia: Ohrwurm, Musik von Harmonia (brain)
Hauschka: Nadelwald, Ferndorf (fatcat)
Shull: Tell The Bees, The Branch Will Not Break (umbrella)
Grouper: You Never Came, Cover the Windows and the Walls (root strata)

Lady Meggmalade

1/21/15 “Wow I can’t believe I’m updating this fucking thing!”


Mohamed Rafi: Jan Pahechan Ho, Doob Doob O’Rama (qdk)
Henry Flynt & Nova’ Billy: Double Spindizzy (locust)
Mogwai: Tell Everybody That I Love Them (sub pop)
Sanso-Xtro: Hello Night Crow, Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain (digitalis)
Ryan Huber: Cassara, Four Pi (self-released)
Rhythm and Noise: Slug Path, Chasm’s Accord (asphodel)
Clark: There’s A Distance in You (warp)
Tapes and Topographies: The Blind Stenographer (simulacra)
Craig Burk: The History of Decency (exerpt), The Various Edges (illusion production)
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Anger (Talvin Singh remix), Split (ninja tune)
Dying Ground: Ascension into the Heavens (avant)
Salvatore Martirano: L’s GA (polydor)
Jan St. Werner: Schwazade, Miscontinuum Album (thrill jockey)
Jaga Jazzist: Lithuania, ’94-’14 (ninja tune)
Nots: White Noise, We Are Nots (goner)

Carny Asada

carny asada


Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks: Roses on the Window, Enter The Slasher House (domino)
Os Ovni: La Dusseltrip, Let’s Leave Reality (something cold)
Orbital: Are We Here?, Snivelisation (ffrr)
Raymond Scott: Siberian Tiger on an Ocean Liner, Raymond Scott Rewired (basta)
Massive Attack: Karmacoma, Protection (virgin)
Gnome and Spybey: The False Prophets, At Willie’s Place (tourette)
Tomita: Pictures at an Exhibition–exerpt (red seal)
Nels Cline: The Wedding Band, macroscopic (cryptogramophone)
The Happiness Boys: Meat Parade (duotone)
Aphex Twin: Girl/Boy Song, Richard D. James Album (warp)
Juliana Barwick: Look Into Your Own Mind, Nepenthe (dead oceans)
Porya Hatami: White Forest, Shallow (tench)
Yellow Swans: Reintegration, Deterioration (modern radi0)
Jailbreak: Sugar Blues, The Rocker (family vineyard)

Unnecessary Hegemony

gaseous hope


Seefeel: More Like Space (too pure)
The Notwist: Neon Golden (domino)
Yowie: Tara, The Cryptooology LP (skin graft)
Robert Fripp & The League of Gentlemen: God Save the King (eg)
Toto: Paul Takes the Water of Life, Dune OST (polygram)
Henry Kaiser: It’s a Wonderful Life, Solo Guitar (metalanguage)
Telex: Dance to the Music, Neurovision (sire)
Michael Andrews: Manipulated Living, Donnie Darko OST (elgonix labs)
The Orb: We’re Pastie to be Grill You, Pomme Fritz (mercury)
The The: Uncertain Smile, Soul Mining (epic)
Silver Apples: The Gift-Sonic Boom remix (whirlybird)
The Leo Bugariloves: Aamianen Kesoililla, Hits and Misses (karkia mistika)
Starfuckers: 30.0/31.0, iamaphotographer (plain)
David First: Tape Letter to Michigan, Electronic Works 1976-77 (dais)
Spacetime Continuum: Ping Pong, Sea Biscuit (astralwerks)

You’re Worth 100 Times Your Weight of Water!

One-man Weirding Module

One-man Weirding Module

Air: Alone in Kyoto, Talkie Walkie (virgin)
David Bowie: Subtearraneans, Low (ryko)
Keiji Haino/Oren Ambarchi/Jim O’Rourke: A New Radiance Springing Forth From Inside You, Now While it’s Still Warm Let Us Pour in All the Mystery (black truffle)
Loop: Straight to Your Heart, Heaven’s End (reactor)
hudpucker: Under, Live at the Phoenix Cafe November 15, 2013
Masaki Batoh: Ebb/Benthos, Kikaokubeshi (the now sound)
Kate Bush: Pull Out the Pin, The Dreaming (emi)
Julia Holter: In The Green Wild, Loud City Songs (domino)
Charming Hostess: Laws of Physics, Eat (vaccination)
Elaine Radigue: Etude, Opus 17 (alga marghen)
Harold Budd: Il Leopardo Delle Nevi, La Bella Vista (shout! factory)
Hauschka: Kamogawa, Foreign Landscapes (fatcat)
Buke and Gass: Medulla Oblongata, Riposte (brassland)
Amps For Christ: The Cruel Sister, Circuits (turned word)
Evol: #7, Proper Headshrinker (editions mego)
Charlatan: Electronic Horizon, Isolatarium (type)


Allergic to pollen


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